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Aug. 12th, 2005

It has been raining since I came back from vacation.
I bought a new car and it rained on me.
For three days straight it has thunder stormed.
This is honestly my favorite weather.
I am free, I am myself.
All of my closest friends have gone off to college.
And my hunnie is at work.
I am alone in my beautiful loft-like apartment listening to the rain pattering softly on the roof outside my window.
Watching the dark grey world through water streaked windows.
This is what I love.

It was chaotic at work last night.
Lightning struck the building with a full dining room.
No power.

I have had this journal for five years.
I was so young.

Last week one of my grandfathers had a massive stroke and passed away.
I have been to seven funerals in the past two years.

My god, it is so beautiful out there.

It's been a while!

To all of those out there who have tracked my life at some point:

I have finally graduated high school.

I am currently going to college full time for nursing.

In two years I will be finished and moving to Tempe Arizona where my boyfriend will be going to music producing school.

Oh yeah, I've been living with Cole now for about six months.

We're happy.

I will be 18 in EXACTLY one month!

Still work part time and hate every minute of it.

I am able to play with my niece any day I want to because she no longer lives with her piece of crap mother, she instead lives with my parents permanently.

I bought myself a new computer for graduation.(it works great!)

I have a pretty busy life but I like it for the most part.

Just thought I'd give an update. Catch everyone up. I don't get to use the computer often and right now I have to get some lunch and go back to class. Tah tah.

Jan. 28th, 2005

So Ashley had a baby boy. Bladen is what she named him. He's a cutie, a month old.

I start college on June 1st. Start with seven classes first term, after that it will be easier. All I'm concerned about is the money. It costs a lot of money to become a nurse.

Well, I really have no updates. Christmas was good and everyone is fine. Everything is going well.

Life is grand...at the moment.
It has been so long that I don't understand journals anymore.

I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd check it out.

Ashley was due to pop on the 16th and she hasn't gone yet.

I'm eagerly awaiting the phone call so I can hop in my car, grab a camera and head to the hospital. It better happen today because it's the only day I will be able to go see her and her new baby..either girl or boy.

Plus if she doesn't go today they will enduce her tomorrow.

I have been accepted into the nursing program at our college here.


I start two days after high school graduation.

I'm so excited.
So last year in September, 2 boys who would be juniors this year died in a car accident. Trent Shaw and Zach Yates.

October of this year 2 more boys, one a sophomore and one a junior died in a car accident. Rob Allan and Arthur Thrasher. The third one in the car just returned home and can walk, and speak a few words, but doesn't remember anything. David Robinson.

Lastnight a sophmore shot himself in the head while sitting in his truck not too far from his home. Brandon Butler.
Cole and I are back on.
This is the last time.
No more chances.

I either have bladder infection or urinary tract infection.
The doctors office was closed on Friday.
So I have to deal until Monday.
I don't think I have ever been this uncomfortable.
No more Cole and Megan.

That's old news.

Has been for a while.

"I just don't want a girlfriend."


Woosh, over it.

Seeing this new guy. Watching myself. Taking it slow, watching him. New relationships after old relationships are supposed to be watched very closely. And he knows all about the old relationship. And I don't care. Brandon is his name. Brandon.

Seems nice so far. Guess we'll see.

So school is going ok.

Cole and I took my brother, Adam, back to Cornell on Sunday. Cole and I stayed at the Canterbury Inn & Suites Sunday night. The jacuzzi in our room was heart shaped! AND our bed was upstairs in the loft part. It was so beautiful. AND they gave us champagne and snacks.

The next day we went shopping and then came home.

Fun times.

Aug. 25th, 2004

School started again today. My final year of highschool. I get out around 12:30 every day this semester, next semester I get out around 10 or 11.

My summer really kinda sucked.

When I think about it..there was a lot of fun stuff but more bad stuff.

Oh yeah. Saturday was a benifit party for Jack Rabbit Slim's. We planned and organized the whole thing. We went through 7 kegs. There were over 200 people there. Biggest party of the summer. Oh and it got busted. But no one got in trouble except for the guy who opened his mouth and got arrested. Oh! I also had a gun pointed at me for the first time on Saturday. That was interesting.
My grandma died on Wednesday.

She was struggling real hard to breathe.
So it really is for the best.
It just..sucks. You know?
It sucks.


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