Something about the life of an average girl..

..you really don't want to know.

Fearless Dreamer
No one is as they seem.

"My world is falling down around me."
"Your world may be, but our world will still be here when you pick yourself up off the floor."

The nex time you see someone on ecstacy..look at their eyes.

"half of your one eye blinked"

On some days every one of you
seem the same, and
don't you wish you could see
your eyes right now?
Because you need
to feel the swirling sensation of
being lost within you.
I'm sure that wouldn't be enough
for you even though
you would sooner burn the paper
and watch it fade away to nothing
than ever write on it,
rather tear yourself apart on a broken mirror
than ever catch a glimpse of yourself
because you might see that you
are beautiful after all.

Once you think you know someone..look closer.